Course Product Development | Mentors  Yoram Pony & Harel Oberman | Year 2021
BioSTAT revolutionizes military telemedicine by instantly monitoring a wounded soldier's vital signs and transmitting them directly to receiving doctors. Alerting doctors to the soldier's condition in advance allows for better and more efficient preparation, saving precious minutes during the crucial "golden hour."
To withstand harsh field conditions, the sticker is made of flexible, durable materials and features medical-grade sensors. It's sterile, single-use, and activates instantly upon application to the wounded soldier. 
With just three straightforward actions, the survival chances of wounded soldiers improve:
1. Extract the sticker from its sterile packet.
2. Affix the sticker onto the injured soldier's torso.
3. Link the sticker to the network using the soldier's ID.
The packet provides a sterile, ready-to-use sticker. Each sticker is assigned a unique number, which the field medic links to the soldier's ID upon application.
The project progressed through several development phases, considering options ranging from hard-shelled and reusable stickers to tear-off rolls, before ultimately deciding on single-use sterile stickers.
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