Course Technology | Mentors  Beeri Yehoyada / Gal Lazar | Year 2019
Google Bimba
For our final second-semester hand-in, we were tasked to design a bimba. I made a Google-inspired bimba using their signature 4 bold colors and embedding a Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is controlled by 2 buttons on both sides of the handlebar.
Bimba components:
Body: CNC machined birch wood - refined with traditional machining - masked paint
Handlebar: Welded metal pipes with 3d printed buttons
Front Fork: Lasercut 12mm perspex - Sprayed on one side for a finished gloss effect
Wheels: Lasercut layers of MDF wood - refined on a lathe - masked paint
Enlargement Project
We were assigned to enlarge an object of our choice for our final first-semester submission. I selected a wine opener. The most challenging part was the worm screw. I created it by heating a PVC rod and wrapping it around a broomstick with a heat gun. To maintain a consistent pitch, I drilled a hole after each revolution and locked it in place by inserting a divot. Once the worm screw was complete, I then filled the holes for a smooth finish. The Metal parts are laser-cut perspex that was formed with a heat gun and molds while the rest of the components are layered laser-cut MDF that was machined. To complete the overall project, I made an enlarged cork by layering foam core and wrapping it with a corkboard and finished it off by dipping it in real wine and tearing the top for an authentic look.
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